Epson printers are known for their better-quality printing, work efficiency, and work speed. But sometimes due to the waste inkpad counter Epson printer starts blinking a false light. Also, how much ink your Epson printer consumes depends on the printer model, and also on other operations like cleaning, and other. So, we can conclude that, a firm quantity of ink is wasted and is collected by the waste inkpad. Due to this reason, many people got confused and think that their printer counts the amount of waste ink.

And, to resolve this Epson printer light blinking error users need to reset the waste inkpad counter stored in the Epson printer main board. If you don’t get how to resolve this issue, you can contact to Epson printer repair shops near you or in your city. Or you can read this blog till the end to get this information.

Let’s start now,

Here are some methods, to solve the blinking error issue:

Method 1: – Replace EEProm Store Waste Ink Pad Counter of Epson Printer

Often Epson Printer manufacturer company does not give IC counter or EEProm to users. Still, if users know their EEProm model, they can replace it. Make sure the compatibility between the printer and the EEProm model is good. Because, if the EEProm is not compatible, then the printer would not reset the inkpad and the printer will not work properly.

If you couldn’t find EEProm then you can go for next method of solving this light blinking error.

Method 2: – Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter of Epson Printer by using WIC Software

Before starting the troubleshooting for Epson printer to remove its light blinking error, you have to download the WIC Software for Windows and same for Mac depending upon their Operating System from the official site.

Follow the below written steps to reset waste inkpad counter for fixing Epson Printer light blinking error:

  • Connect the computer to the Internet via cable.
  • Now, connect the printer to a computer with USB cable.
  • Before turning your printer off, make sure you stop all the print jobs or works.
  • You have to wait a few seconds until the paper and ink light of printer blinks consecutively.
  • Now, unzip file “Waste Ink Pad Reset” Software.
  • Run the program wicreset.exe
  • You have to wait for some time until WIC reset software starts up entirely.
  • Click on the Read Waste Counters to verify counter status before performing a reset operation.

I hope these steps help you in dissipating this error properly. But in any need if you are not able to resolve this issue, you can contact Epson printer repair near you.